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Hi, I'm Lisa. I am a Registered Nurse and a Marquette Method instructor living in Ireland.

I believe that family planning should be easy, safe and effective for all women. 

I grew up in Ireland and studied General Nursing in University College Dublin. I did my internship in St. Vincent's hospital. After graduating, I moved to Wisconsin, USA to be with my fiancé. We married, I passed the NCLEX and then received my Wisconsin Nursing Licence. I worked in a Skilled Nursing Facility until the birth of our first child. We moved back to Ireland in 2020 and have since welcomed our second child.

We chose the Marquette Method of NFP as it had a high effectiveness rate for the postpartum time. It was easy and objective. This method has successfully carried us through the postpartum transitions, through breastfeeding and weaning and beyond!

I am passionate about women's health and I am excited to bring this new face of NFP to Ireland.

About Me: Welcome
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