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Natural Family Planning, or NFP

is the ability to monitor and track your fertile signs to get a picture of your fertility. By knowing how these signs relate to the natural cycle of your body, you will be able to pinpoint when you are fertile and therefore able to conceive a baby. NFP gives you the option to either avoid or achieve a pregnancy, every cycle! To avoid a pregnancy, you will abstain from intercourse during the fertile window. 

What is NFP?: What is Natural Family Planning?
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The Marquette Model of NFP has been developed by Marquette University in the US. It uses the Clearblue Fertility Monitor to track oestrogen and luteinising hormone in your urine. These hormone levels increase just before ovulation so we can figure out when you're at your most fertile. This new technology has given NFP a new image. This method is extremely effective and research based. Effectiveness rates for avoiding pregnancy are up to 98-99% with correct use. 

What is correct use?

  • daily recording of fertile signs

  • charting regularly

  • avoiding intercourse during the fertile window

  • working closely with your instructor



It's no secret, we live in a time when contraception is pushed at girls and women from a young age. Women are prescribed the pill too frequently; because of problems like irregular cycles, painful periods and abnormal bleeding. Artificial hormones and invasive contraceptive procedures are dangerous to women's health. Being fertile is not a disease that needs curing. By charting your cycle and learning what's normal, you are empowering yourself. Reproductive health is also a great window into your overall health. I can work with you and your cycle to help you achieve optimal fertility health.

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NFP has many benefits to a healthy relationship. At first, it may seem intimidating and impossible. However (after some practice!) abstaining becomes something that adds new life to a relationship. Many couples talk about the 'honeymoon phase' that occurs when using NFP. 
Couples experience improved communication, especially those who chart together and involve each other in the NFP process. 
NFP stems from the teachings of the Catholic Church, which makes it popular for couples of this Faith. However, it is completely open to anyone from any background, who wants to live a more natural, greener lifestyle. All are welcome here at Grá Fertility.

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